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CA51 with a hi-hood. 01/07/2019-01/08/2019John Danielson1/8/2019 10:01:27 PM1/8/2019 10:09:46 PM
The Monongahela returns to South Jersey. 12/29/2018-12/29/2018John Danielson12/29/2018 7:00:28 PM12/29/2018 7:02:19 PM
Colorful PATCO ad wrap.12/17/2018-12/17/2018John Danielson12/19/2018 10:12:47 PM12/19/2018 10:14:23 PM
Southern Railroad of NJ M420s and GPs.09/01/2018-11/26/2018John Danielson11/26/2018 10:27:46 PM11/26/2018 11:00:25 PM
Ex-BN "Executive'11/18/2018-11/18/2018John Danielson11/18/2018 10:57:47 PM11/18/2018 11:04:47 PM
CA51 out in the snow with stone. 11/15/2018-11/15/2018John Danielson11/15/2018 10:25:02 PM11/15/2018 10:33:20 PM
Mashup mix of miscellaneous malarkey. 01/01/2018-10/21/2018John Danielson10/21/2018 10:56:58 PM10/21/2018 11:46:58 PM
Ex-BN SD70MAC.10/14/2018-10/14/2018John Danielson10/14/2018 11:22:33 AM10/14/2018 11:24:13 AM
Only place on Earth with an AEM-7/ALP-44 lashup.10/02/2018-10/02/2018John Danielson10/6/2018 11:20:57 PM10/6/2018 11:25:30 PM
Atlantic City Line rail replacement and upgrades. 10/04/2018-10/04/2018John Danielson10/6/2018 11:04:06 PM10/6/2018 11:05:04 PM
Rare visit of a GP59.10/06/2018-10/06/2018John Danielson10/6/2018 10:15:24 PM10/6/2018 10:16:27 PM
Blue Comet homage in Chatsworth. 09/27/2018-09/27/2018John Danielson10/2/2018 11:17:55 PM10/2/2018 11:21:08 PM
CSX power and hoppers for an empty oil train.09/26/2018-09/26/2018John Danielson10/2/2018 9:40:05 PM10/2/2018 9:42:11 PM
Pavonia Yard and engine house: 201801/01/2018-12/31/2018John Danielson9/8/2018 3:49:06 PM9/8/2018 3:49:06 PM
NS manifest 38G/39G: 201801/23/2018-12/31/2018John Danielson9/8/2018 1:19:02 PM9/8/2018 1:19:02 PM
Rare GP59 visitor. 09/01/2018-09/01/2018John Danielson9/8/2018 11:53:03 AM9/8/2018 11:57:08 AM
Last day of service for the Atlantic City Line. 09/04/2018-09/04/2018John Danielson9/5/2018 10:49:13 PM9/5/2018 11:00:21 PM
NJT deadheading all Atlantic City Line equip. out.09/05/2018-09/05/2018John Danielson9/5/2018 10:34:46 PM9/5/2018 10:59:55 PM
NJT work train. 09/03/2018-09/03/2018John Danielson9/3/2018 12:14:28 PM9/3/2018 12:41:43 PM
West Trenton action. 08/20/2018-08/20/2018John Danielson9/2/2018 11:28:20 PM9/2/2018 11:44:27 PM
Ex-PRSL/PC GP38 on 38G.08/22/2018-08/22/2018John Danielson8/29/2018 11:27:56 PM8/29/2018 11:31:38 PM
H84 under the old P&T truss bridge. 07/19/2018-07/19/2018John Danielson7/28/2018 11:40:45 PM7/28/2018 11:45:56 PM
East Penn- Wilmington & Northern Branch. 06/29/2018-12/31/2018John Danielson7/25/2018 10:17:15 PM7/25/2018 10:18:56 PM
First inagural run of a SEPTA ACS-64.07/11/2018-07/11/2018John Danielson7/21/2018 11:50:13 PM7/21/2018 11:53:21 PM
Steel plant switchers in Coatesville, PA.07/05/2018-07/05/2018John Danielson7/7/2018 10:23:19 PM7/7/2018 10:59:38 PM
Pocopson cabooses and station.06/28/2018-06/28/2018John Danielson7/1/2018 9:40:52 PM7/1/2018 9:43:21 PM
Lukens Steel narrow gauge train.06/29/2018-06/29/2018John Danielson7/1/2018 9:28:32 PM7/1/2018 9:31:17 PM
Nickel Plate Road heritage unit leads 38G. 06/29/2018-06/29/2018John Danielson6/29/2018 10:40:38 PM6/29/2018 10:41:07 PM
Along the Bordentown Branch. 06/20/2018-06/21/2018John Danielson6/28/2018 10:06:45 PM6/28/2018 10:29:26 PM
Grassy Sound Bridge remnants.06/14/2018-06/14/2018John Danielson6/24/2018 3:42:21 PM6/24/2018 3:48:00 PM

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